Metagenomic sequencing

As part of this service, we offer metagenome sequencing – full genome sequencing of genetic material in an environmental sample. This approach enables a complex analysis of the contents and biological potential of organisms present in the analysed material. Nanopore sequencing identifies the real taxonomic composition undistorted by amplification. The use of long reads facilitates further analytical steps: de novo assembly of genome present in the sample, analysis of metabolic pathways or identification of genes associated with antibiotic resistance, virulence and similar.

Among others, this analysis allows for:

  • Quick identification of microorganisms in the environment analysed which can have an impact on the development of plant, animal and human diseases;
  • Identification of raw material and product contamination in food processing;
  • Microbiological control of production in cheesemaking, beermaking, fish processing, pharmaceuticals, etc;
  • Monitoring and diagnosis of crops, farm animals and pets.

Samples that can be sequenced:

  • Environmental samples, for example soil, water, sewage;
  • Stool samples;
  • Food samples.

This service covers genetic material sequencing on GridION or PromethION (depending on data requirements) and basic data processing steps: debarcoding and data filtering (i.e. the removal of adaptor sequences and low-quality reads), as well as generating a statistical report on the basis of sequencing results. The service also covers closed-reference OTU picking and the presentation of results in a graphical or table format. It is also possible to order additional analyses, for example assembly of genome present in the sample or analysis of genes associated with antibiotic resistance.

Results are delivered in .fastq or .fast5 file formats.

If you are interested in the service, please contact us at: The exact offer will be prepared based on the set details of the analysis.