genXone’s mission is to popularise genetics in everyday life. We believe that with this approach, we can truly change the world. We are convinced that molecular genetics is the key to transforming our lives and businesses. We develop and make available innovative solutions that improve, simplify and save lives. We also teach how to use them and we open up new possibilities for business with our tools and expertise. We believe in a future where we are all conscious of genetics and evolution as intrinsic parts of our development!


The company’s development strategy assumes: 

Implementation of the latest technologies of nucleic acid sequencing (DNA and RNA) as well as creation and commercialization of own services and products designed with their use. 

Developing innovative products and software that enable advanced genetic analyzes outside the laboratory. 

Building comprehensive genomic and metagenomic databases. 

Development of the capital group consisting of companies responsible for the commercialization of selected products and services of the Issuer on the Polish and international market. 

Building a positive image and positioning the Issuer and its capital group as innovative biotech companies introducing new technologies, products and services.


The most important project carried out by the Company is Nanobiome.

In the first stage the aim of the project was to understand the human gut microbiota in order to better understand how the gut microbiome affects human health. We’ve characterized the specificity of microorganisms inhabiting the intestines of Poles. The Company uses nanopore sequencing to identify  microorganisms.

As part of the project, genXone described a “basic – healthy” gut microbiome and quantified standards against specific taxonomic levels of identified microorganisms. The information collected was used to define the so-called reference microbiome and determine the relationship between a specific disease entity and changes in the human gut microbiome.

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