16S and/or ITS Gene Sequencing

With this service, we can analyse the taxonomic composition of complex microorganism biomass through sequencing, followed by the analysis of V3-V8 or V1-V9 regions of 16S rRNA gene in bacterial biomass or ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 in fungal biomass.

Among others, this analysis allows for:

  • Quick identification of microorganisms in the environment analysed which can have an impact on the development of plant, animal and human diseases;
  • Identification of raw material and product contamination in food processing;
  • Microbiological control of production in cheesemaking, beermaking, fish processing, pharmaceuticals, etc;
  • Monitoring and diagnosis of crops, farm animals and pets.

Sequencing can be conducted on the basis of:

  • Environmental samples, e.g. soil, water, sewage;
  • Clinical and veterinary samples, e.g. any organism’s stool sample, sinus or mouth swab, etc;
  • Food samples.

UThis service includes amplification of the selected region, sequencing of fragments obtained in nanopore technology and basic bioinformatic analysis covering quality filtering of reads and closed-reference OTU picking.

Results are delivered in a table and graphical format.

If you are interested in the service, please contact us at: bok@genxone.eu. The exact offer will be prepared based on the set details of the analysis.