“Smart Specialization for Wielkopolska” award ceremony

Representatives of genXone received an award in the XIV edition of the Competition for the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region Award “i-Wielkopolska – Innovative for Wielkopolska”. The ceremony of honoring the winners of the 2021 edition of the Competition took place on April 25, 2022, during the session of the Assembly of the Wielkopolska Region.

On behalf of Marek Woźniak, Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, the awards were presented by Jacek Bogusławski, Member of the Board of the Wielkopolska Region and Chairman of the Competition Jury, who was accompanied by Małgorzata Waszak-Klepka, Chairwoman of the Wielkopolska Region Regional Assembly. 

During the ceremony, the issue of cooperation between science and business was raised and the assurance was given that Wielkopolska will remain a place focused on innovation.  

genXone was awarded in the “Smart Specialization for Wielkopolska” category for NANOBIOME, – Polish research on the gut microbiome.    

genxone representatives during award ceremony